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Dentist in Virginia Beach VA

Take charge of your oral health by scheduling an appointment with a caring and dedicated dentist. The professionals at our reputable dental office have been providing first-rate dentistry to clients of all ages for 35 years. We specialize in all aspects of mouth, teeth, and gum care. Our team also offers emergency dentist appointments for the unexpected, and typically painful, situations that require immediate service.

Whether you have a young child that needs to develop positive dental habits or you need to correct jaw misalignment, our dentist will provide high-quality service that lasts. Choose a compassionate, positive environment based on our experience general dentist and his capable and caring staff.

Emergency Dentist Leaves You Pain-Free

Don't ignore your dental health until a painful situation occurs. If you do experience a dental emergency, rely on our dentist to be there for you. Our emergency dentist is sure to leave you pain-free and in better dental health. If you have experienced damage or decay to the structure of a tooth, we will try to preserve the natural structure of the tooth as much as possible. Our appointments are convenient and we always allow room in the schedule for the unexpected occurrences that need the immediate attention of our dentist.

Services Offered by Our Expert General Dentist

Dr. Furman is a Norfolk native and has been a dental practitioner for 35 years, serving as a general and cosmetic dentist to patients throughout the area. He believes that achieving and maintaining satisfactory oral healthy plays an important role in a person's overall physical health. Bring your family in for an initial oral exam and teeth cleaning.

We highlight any dental issues you may have and provide follow-up dentistry to correct any minor or major oral health problems. Some of the services offered by our general dentist include:

 Dental Crowns
 Dental Bridges 

 Root Canals
 Family Dentistry
 Cosmetic Dentistry
 Teeth Whitening
 Dental Implants  

A Reputable Dental Office Offering Compassionate Care

Whether you have had a bad experience in the past or you simply feel uncomfortable sitting in a dentist's chair, our staff understands your concerns. We know it does not feel natural to have dental work done, especially if you are getting emergency service. One way we work to ease your mind is to provide you with a visual monitor and supplemental educational videos to ensure you know what steps we take to correct your dental issues.

Being educated about the process will help you understand that the dentist is nothing to fear. There are methods we use to numb your mouth, make you feel comfortable, and answer any questions you may have. Take pride in the way you look with a beautiful new smile. If necessary, we will create a treatment plan for you that works with your schedule. Our dental office serves patients with all types of issues, but works to achieve the look you want and deserve. Oral health dramatically impacts your quality of life. Let our general dentist help you achieve better health and comfort with our expert dental services.

Dental Office - Virginia Beach Dentist
Dental Office Inside - Virginia Beach Dentist

Contact us today to schedule your visit to our dental office for emergency or general dentistry! We proudly serve patients in the following
communities throughout Virginia: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Ocean Lakes, Oceana, Red Mill, and Lynnhaven, VA.